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For whatever reason, you've decided you want to tell me something. I can be reached using any of the below platforms, or you can just leave a comment on this post. Say whatever you want to. Now, if IP tracking were off (which it now is) and the veil of anonymity were on (which it sadly still isn't), I'd have zero idea who you were. But I haven't found those options yet because I'm really new to this website!

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Player Name: Awe
Player Journal: awestriker
Age: 21
Contact: [ profile] awestriker
Characters Played:

Name: Mia
Canon: Golden Sun
Canon Point: Post-TLA
History: A story so long they couldn't fit it onto one cartridge

Even before her excellent journey, Mia was rather well-known throughout certain parts of Weyard (in particular northern Angara) for her mysterious healing talents. Due to the fact that Adepts are somewhat difficult to distinguish from non-Adepts most of the time, this lead people to believe her to be some sort of angel or divine priestess or something like that.

She, however, has always known that her powers are a result of her lineage and nothing more, but was willing to indulge the peoples' idea of her. If someone was sick or hurt it was more or less her job to heal them, and she enjoyed it. She could feel the flow of people's emotions, and easily relate to their problems, even though she was born with power. Perhaps it was because of the loss of her parents at a young age for reasons unknown.

Of course, her power is not without responsibility. As an inheritor of the Mercury Clan, it fell to her to protect the apparently-sacred Mercury Lighthouse, which was never to be lit. It wasn't until she started traveling with Isaac that she ever found out why that was, and none of them had a full understanding of the situation until much later. Furthermore, this responsibility, as mentioned earlier carried over to protecting the people of Imil - she wouldn't even have left had the relighting of Mercury Lighthouse not filled the healing fountain set into its base.

But the thing that started it all for her still confuses her: Alex's betrayal of the clan. She never voiced her concerns about Alex to everyone else but she wants to understand his motivations as her cousin. She found it difficult not to wonder why, if he had the best interest of Weyard as a whole at heart, he wouldn't be at the party's side through Mars Lighthouse, the endpoint of their journey. And for that matter, the reason he sought the ultimate power of the Golden Sun, which he supposedly perished trying to obtain. She's not sure why she can't help dwelling on it, though – the thought that her own family could have such a twisted desire made her feel outraged and left a very bitter aftertaste.

Mia is far from formal with close friends in normal situations, and even in extreme ones, although if she's talking with more than one person at once she'll defer if someone else reacts first unless she's interested in or relevant to the topic.

Mia is an "Adept", or a person that can harness the raw elemental energy of the world using their mind. Her affinity is Mercury, the governing element of water and ice; on her own she cannot use techniques rooted in the other elements. However, with the aid of elemental spirits called Djinn she can either gain techniques of other elements or enhance her own, although this has limits - it isn't possible for her to use all four elements at once without using one of a few special items she doesn't have.

Furthermore, she is capable of using a Djinni's power without her own, for various purposes (most of them special attacks), and to combine their powers in a process arguably mislabeled “Summoning”.

All of the Djinn she has with her are Mercury-element, and there are 9 of them.

Effects directly created by Psynergy are invisible to non-Adepts (although this is just as much a strength as a weakness.) The prime example are the various Psynergies such as Move and Carry which create giant psychic energy hands - a non-Adept watching an Adept cast Move will just see the object move, without so much as a spell aura. The Psynergy most affected by this for Mia is Ply (and variants), which heals wounds and illnesses.

Her more offensively-oriented Psynergy such as Ice Missile will show the ice or water appearing, however.

Her robes, a staff called the Nebula Wand, and focuses for several Psynergy that she can't otherwise use: one that makes her invisible in shadows, one that lifts and keeps afloat large objects (without requiring further effort), and one, oddly enough, for creating water in the form of a very small drizzle. These objects look like weird rocks.

Pony/Animal Type: Unicorn. Mia is a caster type in her own canon; her weapon choices are restricted essentially to staves, and her physical attacks are weak in comparison to all of her fellow party members, only being about equal with Sheba's.
Cutie Mark: A blue, heart-shaped gemstone surrounded by sparkles and swirls of light. It appears to be made of ice.
Pony Picture: I have one but I'll put it up later.

First Person:
[She didn't really feel comfortable with some of what she'd been told about this system, so Mia will stick to writing for now. It's very clear, at least.]

I don't understand all of what's going on, really...

[She can't exactly stow her concerns. What if Weyard was actually destroyed and she was launched here in the backlash? But that would reveal her involvement...]

Anyway, my name is Mia. I was traveling with a few friends and suddenly found myself here... but as a pony like everyone else seems to be.

That should be all for now... I just thought I should introduce myself.

Third Person:

She walked along the edge of the forest, her robe packed away and staff strapped to her back. Neither would do her very much good here, since this place was just weird, and she still couldn't get over it. She had magic now.


If she had to be honest with herself, Mia felt kind of bitter about it. While she had managed to learn the basics of magic fairly easy thanks to the focus and concentration required to use Psynergy, it made using Psynergy that much more obvious... and in certain cases redundant. She might as well set the Lifting Gem into a necklace or something, since magic was capable of more fine control than Psynergy ever was.

And the one thing magic couldn't do very well was the one thing her Psynergy was best for: healing. She couldn't use it, since Psynergy was supposed to be secret, but without it she was lost. Waiting for these princesses to fix the situation wouldn't do anything, either.

Her concentration was broken by the sound of a panicking pony breaking through the trees in front of her and promptly collapsing in unconsciousness. She couldn't leave him alone, and despite nearly tripping was at his side at a moment's notice.

She was too weak to carry him all the way back to town. This one time, she didn't have a choice. With that realization, she lowered her head and began to focus...

Maybe this would turn out well after all.
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character info.
SERIES. Golden Sun.
AGE. 17.
APPEARANCE. Mia. Decorative wings have been attached to the back of the robe; ignore the confident smirk and the ahoge.
STATUS. | 100% Just woke up; has no idea where she is but is in top condition.
GUILD. No Affiliation
LEVEL. 018-021
CLASS. Harvest Cleric. Currently equipped with a Late St. Patrick's Day Staff, Sub Gear, and Search Bracelet.

POSSESSIONS. Nothing. All her would-be possessions are battle items and equipment, which I presume don't transfer.
ITEMS. Nothing special.
QUESTS. None of these.
TRIGGERS. Nothing.
MEDICAL INFO. Perfectly fine. She's a bit weaker in the speed and agility department, but otherwise she's about average physically (which is about as much as you can expect from a caster.)
MENTAL INFO. Nothing really needs to be said.
FOURTH-WALLING. This should be fine.
INJURE/KILL. Well, I wouldn't say no, but do you really want to get on the bad side of a healer?
DEVICE HACKING. Sure, why not?
THREADJACKING. I... honestly don't know what this is, so knock yourself out.

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Mia's Psynergy powers are in part based on her level, but she also gets different spell lists depending on what her Adept Class is (read: how many Djinni are set to her, and of what types.)

In her base class series Water Seer, she has:
Ply (L1) -> Ply Well (L16) -> Pure Ply (L34) [single-target healing]
Frost (L2) -> Tundra (L8) -> Glacier (L24) [moderate-area ice/water damage]
Ice (L4) -> Ice Horn (L17) -> Ice Missile (L42) [concentrated ice/water damage]
Cure Poison (L5) [um, duh?]
Restore (L13) [removes non-persistent status ailments]
Break (L30) [removes buffs from enemies]
and, if she has four or more Mercury Djinni set to her:
Wish (L8) -> Wish Well (L22) -> Pure Wish (L46) [area healing]


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